Professor Registration For Our Market Game

Welcome Professors, Instructors, Teachers and Investment Clubs,

This introductory video features Mark Brookshire, Founder, and Tom Reti, Director of Global Education, welcoming you to Stock-Trak and explaining some of the unique characteristics of the virtual trading platform that make it the #1 simulation for university students.

If you are new to or want to view examples of StockTrak projects/syllabi that have been submitted by other professors, please see this "New Professor" page.

For a complete guide of both student and professor features, you can refer to our full Professor User Guide

If you have already registered on this platform, you do not need to re-register as a professor. Just LOGIN with your username/password, and click on the Admin link in the top right menu bar, and then " Register A New Class".

The current pricing for a account is listed to the upper right. Please keep in mind that many finance textbooks have coupons in them for StockTrak, and that two students can share an account.

As the professor or teacher, you now have much more administrative control and visibility into your students’ stocks market game session. We also continue to expand the global exchanges that we offer, and we are making more parts of our website with streaming date to offer your students a more realistic and educational experience. Watch this video to see some of the new features!

Here are some of the exciting enhancements you will find with this Fall:


Each professor create a username and profile that will allow the professor to:

  • Establish their profile of name, address, phone and email so they can keep us updated of changes and so they don’t have to re-enter the same info each time they register
  • Manage multiple classes from one log-in session
  • Change certain class trading parameters on the fly (example, disallow options and futures initially and then activate them for your class once you have covered those topics)
  • Review/Download current and historical class rankings
  • Review/Download individual student transactions and performance, and portfolio summaries

  • Create an "assignment" for the class that requires students to watch videos of how to use the StockTrak platform, use certain order types, trade certain securities, try specific strategies, etc.; and best of all, the StockTrak platform now automatically grades the students performance on the assignment!
  • Real-Time Bid/Ask trade execution for all US equities. Options, and most Futures
  • Streaming Profit/Loss Statements for student accounts
  • Streaming Class Rankings instead of end-of-day updates
  • Our Sharpe-Ratio calculation has been updated to use a geometric mean instead of an arithmetic mean
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